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With comprehensive experience in producing, filming and editing, I can work with you to create large or small videos that will best target your particular audience and needs.

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Events


  • Conferences


  •  Public Speaking


  • Weddings
  • Television


  • Lectures.

Videos are fast becoming the most attractive way to reach your social media audience. Along with their ability to be shared and reposted they also allow you to tell your story and reach a larger target audience.

This is further evident in the way Facebook has restricted, through complicated algorithms, the organic reach of your posts (to your target audience)

 But Videos are different, by publishing videos or broadcasting live you can 'outsmart' these restrictions and gain the reach your social media page deserves.


 They don’t have to be complicated, long or costly.

Talk to me to see how we can make something together

here are a few I've made:


Promote Organisation for Awards

... videos made for presentations and awards.


Tell your story

... share your history through video


Promote what you do

... through easy, clear interview style storytelling.


Use your Clients & Consumers Experience

... to sell your message.


Video Events

... promote or document your special event.


Historical Stories

... gain business recognition through telling a story.


Facebook and Social Media

... there's nothing like a video to say thank you.


Vox Pops for Campaigns

... pick up an issue, I can organise vox pops on the street


Television and Social Media Advertisements

... Not everything has to cost the earth to advertise what you do.



Website Videos

...  communicate with stories and  interviews.

Easy and elegant videos suited for projection, displays, DVDs, uploading onto a website and hosting on Youtube.

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